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Speaker Identification in Reverberant Environments

This project was an explo­ration into Com­pu­ta­tional Audi­tory Scene Analy­sis (CASA), Blind Source Sep­a­ra­tion (BSS), Multi-Resolution Analy­sis, Speaker Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, Neural Net­works and Speech Syn­the­sis. It was per­formed as a group of four stu­dents, for a class in DSP for Music. An

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HRTF’s and Reverberation

This project aimed to study Bin­au­ral Room Impulse responses, sim­u­late the impulse response of a shoe­box room using the image method. The image method was pro­posed by Allen and Berke­ley, access the paper here. Read on for a crash course in

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Binaural Spatial Audio

Work­ing under KVS Hari at the Indian Insti­tute of Sci­ence (IISc) as a sum­mer intern, I had the oppor­tu­nity to explore bin­au­ral spa­tial audio. This was my first expe­ri­ence with spa­tial audio and Head Related Trans­fer Func­tions (HRTF’s), which I

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